Roby Junior 2 Semi Automatic Case Maker
manual board feeder:
Production speed: up to 200 per hour
Packing 7 – carton box = cm 143 x 123 x 175 h = kg 380
All inclusive:
- Gluing device
- Vacuum table
- Automatic cardboard feeder
- Turning-in unit
- Corner closing device
- Corner cutter
- Manual cardboard positioning device

Iota is a compact machine that attaches the front and rear end papers onto the book block lining band. The changeover consists of reprogramming the band length according to the book spine length and the space between the heated blades according to the book block thickness. It consists of:

Automatic cover feeder / manual feeder;
An operator that places end papers in the gluing station and two heated plates to melt the glue present on the impregnated band so that the end papers stick to it;
A band feeder that cuts the spool of special impregnated band into pieces whose length corresponds to the book spine;
A transport belt that ejects the product onto a delivery tray.

X-Case Plus is a semi-automatic version of the X-Case. It has the following additional features:

Book block feeding station;
Automatic opening of the book block at the middle and placing on the blade;
Accurate alignment of the book spine with respect to the cover;
Gentle pressing after casing-in by means of rollers;
Finished books are delivered on a shelf for easy manual unloading.

Roby Junior 2 VAS is a compact semi-automatized case maker, ideal for medium runs. It is the same as a Roby Junior 2 with an extra turning-in and pressing station. That way cases can be turned in from all four sides in a single pass instead of two. This results in increased output of up to 350 cases per hour. The Roby Junior 2 VAS is composed of a gluing unit integrated in the machine in order to save floor space &  effort. Usually used with hot (animal) glue, the unit can also be used with cold (vinyl) glue.

The Cimatic forms the joints of the book in order to achieve the necessary hinge effect during opening. The joints also gives the book its traditional look.
The joints are pressed with heated blades, one fixed and one movable. The movable blade is driven by a pneumatic cylinder and is activated by a pedal.

To achieve optimum result with various types of covering material, the operator has three settings at his disposal: a thermostat to set the temperature of the blades, a pressure gauge to set the pressing force and a pedal with which he can choose the pressing duration.

No adjustment is required according to the thickness of the book.

Thanks to its extremely simple and fast changeover the Roby Zero setup casemaker is the ideal solution for the production of book cases in very short runs.  What differentiates this system is the ability to make size changeovers extremely quick and also very fast edge turning as opposed to doing it manually.


an integrated gluing unit for hot glue (can be used with vinyl glue as well for lining)
a board positioning device with automated set-up
a vacuum table
a combined turning-in and pressing unit
a roller press function for inside lining

Special 85 is a mechanical press for hard cover books. The machine keeps the pressure constant even after the air has been pressed out of the books. The press is mounted on wheels for easy mobility.

X Forming is a book pressing and joint forming machine. The machine consist of:

Book infeed
Pressing and joint forming stations (Joints are formed with heated blades) delivery
Hydro-dynamic book pressing system
Pneumatic joint forming system
Temperature control
Timer for pression control

X Book Evolution Hard Cover Production Line

Consists of Roby 2, X Case & X Forming

X-Case is the ideal casing-in machine of book blocks inside covers for medium runs and extra size books. It is equipped with:

Manual introduction of books on the blade;
Automatic device for double gluing of the paper/gauze;
Manual feeder for covers.

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