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Velobind Hardcoversutilize a velobind binding method to secure the book to the hardcover.  2 End Sheets come with each hardcover.  The end sheets are placed on the front & back of your book block to be bound.  After completing the binding process you manually place the book block into the spine of the hardcover, then one by one pull out the release liner end sheet and adhere to each inside panel.  The book block is now permanently in place and you have a professionally bound hardcover book.

We make these in Navy & Black.  5 Different Spine sizes.

Size A accomodates up to 1/4" thick book.

Size B accomodates from 1/4" to 1/2" spine width.

Size C accomodates from 1/2" to 3/4" spine width.

Size D accomodates from 3/4" to 1" spine width.

Size E accomodates from 1" to 1-1/4" spine width.

Hardcovers come 25 pieces per box with 50 end sheets per box.   Minimum order 100 pieces.

100 pieces   = $12.00 per cover

150 pieces = $10.00 per cover

300 pieces = $8.50 per cover

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BinderPro Hardcover is a more traditional style hardcover with a fixed spine size & normal hinges, very much like a hardcover on your shelf.  We make these also in Navy or Black Skivertex for 8.5"x11" sheet sizes.  We can make these in virtually any size from 1/4" to 2" or even larger if you can bind that thick.

Each Hardcover comes with 2 End Sheets (front & back).  You can staple or side stitch the End Sheets to your book block, you can also Velobind it if you choose to or a similar method.

Minimum Order 150 pieces

150 pc. $12.00 per cover

300 pc. $10.00 per cover 

500 pc. $8.50 per cover

*stamping cost is $2.00 per book plus the cost to create the die, usually ranges from $125 to $300 depending on image size.  500 pc.+ quantity is $1.50 per cover to stamp.

BinderPro Hardcover is a Traditional Hardcover with a Board Spine & Hinges like the above picture

Hardcover books are very much a niche' product.  And some companies are not interested in creating this type of operation in there facility.  As an alternative we offer pre-made Hardcover products, such as Velobind Hardcovers, Staple Bind Hardcovers & Perfect Bind Hardcovers.  These are pre-made hardcover shells made of 100 pt. graphics board and covered in a Skivertex finish.  Skivertex is a leathery looking coated paper material approximately 10 pt. thick.  It has a shiny embossing on the outside and a dull finish on the inside.  Very popular and versatile.  All of our hardcovers come with End Sheets.  End Sheets are what ultimately hold your book block together and are an important step in making a quality hardcover product.  We invite you to scroll some of our products below.  We'd be glad to help !

We make these Right Here in Our Shop !