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Sterling Wiremaster Semi

The Wiremaster Semi is a semi-automatic double loop wire binder capable of binding books at the brisk pace of 1,200 per hour. It changes over in about five minutes. The operator hangs the book on the wire and the Wiremaster Semi delivers the book to the closing station, and then to the delivery conveyor. It can bind up to five skips and an automatic calendar hanger feeder is available as well as a near line infeed conveyor. Bring your wire binding in house with this most, affordable machine.

The Automatic Coil Punch and Bind System is a revolution in production plastic coil binding. It will punch, form coil from filament, bind, cut and crimp your document automatically. Offering production speeds of up to 1,000 documents per hour. This system is an affordable investment that will bind a wide variety of applications including calendars, note pads, books, diaries and more in one pass for a truly automated in-line plastic coil punch and bind solution.

The Automatic Coil Punch and Bind System will punch and bind books up to 5/8" (15 mm) thick, it can break apart a book in up to 6 lifts. It's a game changer for plastic coil binding production, there is nothing like this in the industry that has this production capabilities, at this price point. Turn your plastic coil binding operation from a bottleneck to an efficient operation that increases your revenue stream.

The system has 4 operational steps that run simultaneously:

The operator loads the book into the machine, which automatically punches up to 6 lifts of paper, allowing for a punching capacity of up to 15 mm documents.
The book is automatically transported to the alignment station, where the punch holes are perfectly positioned to accept coil.
The document is transported to the binding station where coil is formed, inserted into the document and the ends are cut and crimped.
A transport arm moves the book out of the binding station onto a conveyor packaging station. The transport arm rotates 180° every other document providing for evenly stacked books.


Reliable and efficient operation 
Modern design using the latest engineering 
User friendly operation with touch screen controls
Produces constant, high-quality products

Mandrel size Formula:

Document Thickness ÷ 75 X 100 = Mandrel size to use. (IE: 12mm document ÷ 75 X 100 = 16 mm mandrel)

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The Semi-Automatic James Burn Wire-O® Binder 3500 provides high-speed Wire-O® finishing 'on-demand' from cost-efficient spools. At 500-1000 books per hour, the Wire-O® Binder is super fast, yet simple to operate with all size and format setups instantly adjustable by user-friendly 'touch screen' electronic controls. The automatic functions cut, feed and position the wire for insertion; then sends the document to a patented closing unit that now accurately positions the document, without the need for stops or paper guides.The versatile Wire-O® Binder is designed to work alongside the highly successful Alpha Doc® and DocuPunch® Automatic Punching Machines, accurately finishing a wide variety of documents, including oversize covers & tabbed sheets, for all Wire-O® sizes up to 1-1/4". Together, they are the perfect high-speed Wire-O® finishing solution for today's modern in-plant, digital and 'on-demand' printing environments, where ease-of-use, versatility and productivity are a must.


Table-Top Electric Automatic Coil Inserter/Crimper
An affordable fully electric table-top automatic coil inserter designed with the digital print market in mind.

No tools - No air required. 
Bind up to 450 books / hr.
Comes Complete:
•Set of 13 Spine Formers.
•Photo Instruction Manual & Training DVD.Productivity
•Up to 450 books/hourCoil Capabilities
•8 mm to 20 mm (1/8" to 5/8" book thickness)Binding Edge Capabilities
•8.5" / 11" / A5 / A4.
•Onboard electronic diagnostic capabilities.
Available Format•.2475" Pitch - Fits the common 8.5" / 11" / A4 / A5 binding edges.
Preset Cut & Bend
•Conveniently set for the common 8.5" or 11" edge.
Offcut Disposal Drawer Foot Pedal Actuated

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The PBS 3000 QS - Quick Setup Auto Coil Inserter / Finishing System-Automatically inserts pre-cut lengths of coil into the pre-punched book and simultaneously crimps both ends - all in a single operation! 

No tools are required for basic setup and changeover.
Features Comes Complete:
•Set of 15 Spine Formers
•Tool Kit 
•Photo Instruction Manual & Instructional DVD
Productivity•As high as 600 books/hour
Available in .2475" OR 4:1 OR 6 mm Pitch
•For diameters from 6 mm to 20 mmRecommended Wider 3:1 OR 2.5:1 Pitch
•For larger diameters up to 30 mmCoil Capabilities
•6 mm through 20 mm
•Up to 30 mm in wider pitch option Available Formats
•12"/A4 model (Binding edges from 5" to 12"/12.7 to 30.5 cm)
•17"/A3 model (Binding edges from 5" to 17"/12.7 to 43 cm)
Offcut Disposal Drawer Foot Pedal Actuated

The QS 3000 has optional kits for up to 30mm, also availabilty in 12" or 17" formats, can do varying custom sizes (Koilmatic only 8.5" & 11"), and is a faster machine.

PBS3000QSCoil Inserter

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Accurate mid-volume punching on demand

High-speed automatic punch capable of producing up to 34 reams of punched sheets (80gsm) per hour. Punches preprinted, collated documents directly from your copier or printer (including mixed stocks from 80gsm to 250gsm). Also punches tabs pre-collated into the finished sets.

The Docupunch® MkII now comes with a touch screen control panel, 3 selectable speeds (50, 60 and 70 cycles / min) and selectabkle byte thickness from 0.4 to 0.7mm to offer more productivity and more security for a wider range of punching jobs.

Designed with the On-Demand market in mind... setup time in less than a minute, die changes in seconds and hands free operation so your operator is free to perform other tasks. And, with an incredibly small footprint and heavy-duty casters, the DocuPunch® is assured to fit even in the tightest of space requirements. Punches from 5-1/2"x5-1/2" to 13"x12" sheet sizes.

JBI Docupunch

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The Alpha-Doc MK4 will give you the extra mile you need to enhance your productivity.

This remarkably user-friendly high speed machine is able to punch up to 65 reams of paper per hour. The dynamic size change feature is controlled by a conversational touch key screen and ensures precision punching of a wide variety of documents (made of mixed stocks from 70gsm to 300gsm) now including wall calendars with thumbcut.

The Alphadoc Mk4 Automatic Punch incorporates all the features that have made the success of the previous versions and offers:
- a more userfriendly keyboard with a large and colour touch screen control panel.
- 3 selectable speeds (70, 80 & 90 cycles / minute which will allow a true output of up to 35,000 (80gsm) sheets / hour including loading & unloading.
- adjustable byte thickness from 0.5 to 1.0mm.
- the possibilty to punch thumbcut for calendar applications & a wider punching width (355mm / 14”).
  Sheet Sizes 5-1/2"x5-1/2" to 13"x14".

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EX610 Series Hi-Speed Automatic Punch

Precision punching up to 24" at very high output speeds

Capable of producing up to 120,000 punched sheets per hour. Punches preprinted collated documents with or without mixed stocks. Punches up to 24" on the binding edge.  the EX610 will punch an incredible variety of holes for Wire-O, Plastic Coil, Spiral Wire, VeloBind, Plastic Comb, or 3 hole for looseleaf document finishing, and has the power to punch virtually any type of stock and material. Punches preprinted collated documents with or without mixed stocks. Optional attachment to punch tabs collated into finished sets. Tabs must have a minimum 1/4" shoulder.

Lhermite EX610

JBI Alphadoc

Automated Finishing is your next step when handling larger volume punching/binding.  With limited options we believe we can help you narrow your choices.  You need to consider the work environment it's going in.  Office staff employees with little experience, or a Bindery Staff with operators who are very familiar with processing large volumes of documents.  Or maybe somewhere in between.  Ease of Use becomes important, paper path, output engines and how it effects your sheets (curled paper, etc.).  You need to consider real output as opposed to simply relying on a marketing piece from a manufacturer.  And of course service requirements.  Is there access to local service, installation or training.  We carry both new & used equipment.  We are authorized James Burn International (Spiral) dealers, and we've sold many many GBC/Sickinger Punches & Binders.  As with most of the items we sell, we have practical experience with these machines.  We've sold them and serviced them.  Please browse some of our selection below and contact us if we can be of service to you.