GBC AP-2 ultra Velobind Die $1,300
GBC AP-2 ultra 19 hole die $1,850 Sale $1,500
GBC AP-2 ultra Coil Die 4:1 round $1,995 !
GBC AP-2 Ultra .2475 oval Die 4:1 oval $2,500
GBC AP-2 Ultra 3:1 Square Die, $2,100
GBC AP-2 Ultra 3:1 Round Die, $1,750
GBC AP-2 Ultra 2:1 Square Die, $1,995
 GBC Quantum Punch Dies
4:1 Oval .2475 $2,200
JBI AlphaDoc Dies: 19 hole Comb $1,495
                                 3:1 Round $1,795
                                 4:1 Round $1,895
Used Sickinger Punch Dies available:
19 hole rectangular $1,795
4:1 Oval Die .2475 $2,500  
4:1 round $1,995 
2:1 square $2,500 Sale !!
3:1 square $2,500 Sale !!
5:1 round 21" die $2,500
5:1 round 13" die $1,895

Brand New Sickinger 13" Punch Dies available:

19 hole rectangular         $4,250
3:1 Square 4mm Square $4,500
2:1 Square 6mm Square $4,500
2:1 Round 6mm               $3,995
4:1 Round .248                 $3,995
4:1 Round .250                 $3,995
4:1 .2475 Oval                   $4,995
3.5.7 hole for looseleaf    $3,500
New Sickinger Die Specs.:
The Sickinger tool has two thick Layers of punch support material (hard bronze) with a lubrication strip which can be periodically oiled, for increased punch guide lifespan.

Standard Tool Features
Hardened tool steel base inserts. 
Hard Bronze Guide material. 
Numbered, Hardened, precision tool steel punch pins. 
Re-oil able punch pin lubrication strip. 
Ring book hole punches.

Brand New Lhermite EX380 Punch Dies available:

19 hole rectangular         $3,800
3:1 Square 4mm Square $3,500
2:1 Square 6mm Square $3,500
4:1 Round .248                 $3,500
4:1 .2475 Oval                  $4,895 with 3 hole for loose-leaf, 5/16" standard

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We sell a complete line of New & Used Punching Dies for your Table Top & Automated Punch/Bind Systems.  We carry brands such as Lhermite, Kugler, Punchmaster, Sickinger, Renz, GBC, PDI/Rhinotuff and JBI.  From table top units such as GBC Magna Punch to Lhermite EX380 Punch Dies.  We can help you find what you're looking for.  In addition, we always have inventory of pre-owned dies.  It's always changing but we may have what you're looking for.  Give us a call or send us an email to see if we have the tool you need.

Brand New JBI Docupunch Die Sets

DocuPunch® Paper Punching Tools
Our dies come with hard bronze guides with a lubrication strip and hardened base.
Standard Tool Features
Our Docupunch dies are initially available in the industry’s most popular 4:1 Plastikoil™ and 3:1 Wire-O™ patterns and very competitively priced.
Our dies are available with drill holes so you can punch two patterns with a single die.
Drill hole pins can easily be pulled out of the tool when not in use.
A precision-made hard bronze guide and hardened tool steel punch pins allows us to maintain a tighter fit for excellent hole quality and durability.
All our dies have hardened and ground alloy steel bases, giving you a long wearing cutting edge.
Integral felt strip provides efficient and uniform lubrication to the punch pins.
Pull pins allow disengaging various punch pins to suit different paper layouts.
Serviceable to extend the useable life of the tool.

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