James Burn WOB3500 Automatic Wire Binding Machine, binds from 1/4" to 1-1/4" Double Loop Wire, very clean machine appx 2008 Unit with very low use !! New $35,000                       Sale Price $16,995 03/15/18 Sold !!

Swiss Hydrocut 3 Knife Trimmer our customer acquired this with along with other assets in a business acquisition and does not need another.  It has been tested & works fine.  We do not have any other information available.  

FORMAT MAX 36X48, FORMAT MIN 7X5, possibly in CM

$16,000 OBO

Rhinotuff HD7500 24" Wide Format Punch. Very nice condition.  Great for Wide Calendars or other similar applications.  
New $6,900

Sale Price $3,995

James Burn Lhermite EX380 Hi Speed Punch, early 90's coming out of a running bindery locally.  They're closing up shop & it's time to find a new home for this awesome punch !

*automatic hi speed punch

*interchangeable options to change punch heads

*one of the premiere punches available anywhere 

*JBI brand among the best in the industry

*punch up to 1,000,000 sheets per 8 hour shift

*easy to use & operate

New $70,000 with conveyor

Sale Price $19,995 plus shipping

*2nd Unit Arriving 2008 Unit in Prime Condition with very low use, like new condition, Sale Price $25,000

Pending Arrival:

Plastikoil PBS3000QS Automatic Coil Inserter, JBI EX380 Automatic Punch, Automated CaseMaking Line, Several Table Top Punches, Vijuk 3 Knife Trimmer & more !

We understand the uncertainty sometimes of purchasing someone else's pre-owned equipment.   Where has the equipment been ?  Who's owned it ?  Was it out of service, or in someone's junk pile ?  Those are all good questions.  The same questions we ask when you approach us to purchase your gear.

We have many customers ask us to purchase there equipment when business' close down.  Maybe it's excess equipment from multiple shops, sometimes it's a trade-in.  And sometimes it does come out of an excess of equipment that is no longer used.  Whatever the case may be we make it part of our mission that whatever equipment we sell to customers is thoroughly checked over.  Sometimes it's a basic service and other times it's a machine rebuild.  We encourage you to ask questions.  An unhappy customer is unlikely to come back to us.  So we want to do our best to make sure our customers are satisfied.  Here's one thing you can count on:  BinderPro is not a junk dealer.  We leave that business to other suppliers. 

Please browse our inventory of products below & let us know what we can do for your company.  We can supply a single piece, or staff a complete shop of bindery equipment. 

Rhinotuff HD7000 Heavy Duty Punch

*punches 25-30 sheets per punch

*fully interchangeable

Serviced & in good working condition !

Comes with Coil 4:1 Round Die

New $3,995

Sale Price $2,195

*semi automatic hi speed punch

*interchangeable options to change punch heads

*punches 20 lb to 110 lb stock with tabs & intermixed covers

*110v electrical

*easy to use & operate

New $27,410

Sale Price $12,500

Challenge Titan 200 Cutter

Challenge EH3C Paper Drill 

very nice condition ! 

New $7000  Sale Price $4,250

"Astounding" Print Finishing Capabilities with this MGI JetVarnish & iFoil System !

Digitally Controlled Foil Stamping Capabilities, UV Varnishing, Raised Embossed effects & More.  Contact us for Details.  

Lightly Used Machine

Sale Price $450,000

Trade Show Condition PBS3000QS Plastikoil Automatic Coil Inserter !! Super Clean, appx. 2009 unit with "very" low use.  17" Machine !! 4:1 Ratio.  New $25,500  Sale Price $16,995 plus shipping.

*semi automatic coil inserter from 8mm to 33mm

*this unit inserts, cuts & crimps your coil and delivers a finished book on the stacker

*includes all accessories

*110v electrical

New $25,000

​Sale Price $9,995

Press & Post Press Bindery Equipment & Supplies, Automatic Punches, Laminators, Finishing Systems, Automatic Coil Inserters, Laminating Products
Toll Free 866-988-4403
909-590-1103 fax

Oki c942dn Super Clean lightly used !!

Print in White + CMYK !!

OKI's most revolutionary machine - delivers the ultimate in high-impact output that demands attention.  The C942 prints brilliant color on white stocks, and adds the unique ability to print solid white, and white under CMYK to deliver brilliant color on color stocks.  Color-on-Color output!   This is a truly ground-breaking device for creative graphic artists and print shops that want to stand out.

New $19,999

Sale Price $16,995 !

The innovative C942dn is an ideal choice for stand out and creative printing. Brilliant print quality, high print speeds and complete media flexibility combined with the ability to print a full range of process colors with the addition of white, opens up new opportunities for on-demand printing, with vibrant results every time. Ultra-high capacity toners also make the C942dn a highly cost-effective option, especially for high coverage and quality printing.

Polar 78ES, 2000 unit

30" Cutter, Air on main table, very nice machine !

Sale Price $26,000

James Burn Docupunch, 2010 unit

Smoooooth ! One of the best punches on the market, and thee best punch in it's class.  Very reliable feeding & punching, tight registration, small footprint.  These are nice machines.

New $28,500 Dies $3,500 +

Sale Price $18,995 Die Included !

Won't Last !

BAUMANN BSW3 Pile Turner

2014 Like New !

Sale Price $39,000

Challenge EH3A Paper Drill

Hydraulic, Fully Refurbished !

Runs excellent !

New $7,000

Sale Price $2,650

Rhinotuff HD4170 Coil Inserter

*all metal construction

*heavy duty

*inserts from 6mm to 50mm

New O Rings, fully serviced

New $1,795

Sale Price $895

James Burn Lhermite EX380 Punch

ProCut 320 32" Hydraulic & Programmable Cutter with Air Bed on Main Table
very low usage machine.. came out of a one man shop.  Nice clean machine....can sell it to you at Sale Price $14,000

*light line indicator

*4" clamp opening

*up to 6,000 lbs. clamp force

*up to 2000 memory positions, 999 programs

Nice Machine !

GBC AP2 Ultra Automatic Punch

Xante Illumina 502GS Digital Printer & Envelope Press with Feeder + Conveyor ! Outstanding Condition !

New $25,000

Sale Price $10,000

GBC Velobind System 3 Pro

binds up to 3" thick

punches between 25-30 sheets

Very Clean Unit !

New $5,500

Sale Price $1,995

Challenge Titan 200 Programmable Cutter
*20" cutting width
*powerful hydraulic clamping & cutting
*fully programmable with up to 99 jobs (9000 job storage)
*plexiglass safety shield
Fully Refurbished !
Beautiful Shape !  See our Checklist Below !!

$8,500 Sale Price  

Very Clean Horizon MC80 with 2 Towers + SPF20 Bookletmaker + FC20 Face Trimmer ! 2005 appx.  

Sale Price $39,995 obo

​runs excellent !

GBC Digicoil Automatic Coil Inserter

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