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​For many years we've used this ProLam Pocket Rocket for

our own Single Side applications with very good results.

  A 13" unit is ideal for most printed output.  This does not have

the automatic trimming or semi automatic feeding applications

the Matrix unit has, but for companies on a stricter low budget

this unit can get the job done very nicely.

Adjustable Temperature, Pressure & Speed give you the flexibility to laminate

all your graphics without losing function.  And for Single Side Laminating Film

which is very thin, this unit is adjustable speed so you can laminate faster.

Features 3" Supply Cores and a Large Outside Diameter Film Capacity for

those large single side roll supplies.

Price $2,995

Contact Us For Details on Automatic Single Side Laminating Machines !

The Matrix MX-370 Single Side Laminator bridges a nice gap between low end

laminators and high end fully automated systems.  This machine is a semi-automatic

single side laminator designed for ease of use, productivity and cost savings.

It's semi-automated feed system makes sheet feeding efficient and very productive,

and the separator eliminates the need for manual trimming and sheet clean-up.

This unit is ideal for hardcover applications.  A 15" width encompasses most hardcover

laminating requirements for full color prints.  It features a fast warm-up time, adjustable

speed and temperature controls, anti-curl bar, 3" supply cores and an easy to use

computerized control panel.

For users with experience in manual single side laminating, you can appreciate the

very productive and efficient way this small machine finishes your prints.  A revolutionary

machine in laminating.

There are several machine options in the Matrix line-up.  We'd be glad to discuss with you

other options and explain in detail why a specific machine is the right one for you.

Single Side Laminating can throw a curve at even experienced laminating professionals.  Finding the right settings to get smooth flat laminating, clear, good pressure, can all be a nice work of art.  It is very different than standard double side laminating.  Especially for hardcover applications.  Are you working with digital prints ?  Are you trimming off line or would you like inline finishing with completed finished pieces coming off your machine ?  We've been doing single side laminating in our shop for many years.  And we have a good idea of what's needed to get the job done efficiently and cost effectively.