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Laser Printing on our BPX End Sheets

Has there ever been a more important sheet of paper in Bookbinding ? End Papers can make or break your book.  While it may appear that this is only a sheet of paper the truth is these are ultimately what keeps your book block in place.  And selecting the correct type is an important task. We manufacture our own End Sheets in our shop.  We carry 3 basic styles.  Our PBX End Sheet which is a single wrap around end sheet, our SBX End Sheet which is a 2 piece End Sheet for Side Stapling/Stitching and our Single Sheet End Sheet for Velobind Applications or a Similar application. 

All of our End Sheets come with Adhesive & Release Liners. 

See below for more details.

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Stitch/Staple End Sheets

Our SBX End Sheet is an ideal an end sheet when side stitching/stapling is required.  Guarantee your book block never falls apart with this method.  So what's the difference with this end sheet & a standard folio end sheet (folded sheet).  The difference is the glued edge.  If you simply take a sheet of paper & fold it in half your staples will show through.  When you open your hardcover book it's likely to tear apart and/or be visible.  The glued edge conceals the gap between your end paper & the folded sheet.  Our SBX End Sheet has a 2nd sheet or folio to it.  To make a book block with this end sheet you simple place one on the front & one on the back of your book block & stitch together.  We have a 5/16" edge area for this process.  After the book block is stapled together you can begin the casing in. 

100 pieces $2.50/each

500 pieces $2.25/each

1000 pieces $1.99/each

Video Demo of PUR Binding with the Morgana 350 with our BPX End Sheets

Our PBX End Sheet is our perfect bind end sheet.  This end sheet acts like a soft cover in your perfect bind machine.  It works in Fully Automated Systems as well as table top machines.  Simply place in your cover feeder like a traditional soft cover and press Go !  The Book Block will nip to the spine of the end sheet & bind
it together.  Although side gluing works, it is not required unless you want that feature.  EVA or PUR glues do an outstanding job adhering to the spine of the end sheet.  These End Sheets are also laser printable for your own customization.  These are available in white for 8.5"x11" book sizes.  Spine size is per order.  We can also make custom end sheets as large or as small as needed in various color stocks.  Lead times and minimums would apply.  Standard Size Pricing is as follows:

100 pieces $2.25/each

500 pieces $1.99/each

1000 pieces $1.75/each

*minimum size spine is 1/4"

Our Single Sheet End Sheets are 8.5"x11", 8 pt Tag Stock, white

These are ideal for Velobind applications or even stapling/stitching or similar methods if you're not concerned about a concealed edge.

$45 per 25 sets