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Do you only need a gluing machine or press ?

Our GluePro is manufactured specifically with a fast gear to be more productive for hardcover applications.  Best results have been achieved with a 9 pt. stock or thicker.  For hardcover applications we use a 100# text weight paper with a single side lamination.  This works very well and comes off the stripper fingers very nicely.  Our glue comes in gel pack form and is activated by heat in the machine.  After the machine is turned off it cools back to gel form until you're ready to use again.

The gear system in our GluePro is specifically made for hardcover applications.

Sale Price $1,395

CasePro Casemaking Kit

Includes 24" Gluer, Alignment Table & Press

Only $3,795 plus shipping for the Package !

**Currently our gluing machine has been discontinued** We are still making the CasePro Alignment Table & selling the press along with it for $2,250 plus shipping

Our New CASEPRO Kit CaseMaking System is our Latest Design

replacing our CaseProX System !

Our new system is more efficient by making our workstation

even more compact than it's predecessor.  A very compact layout only

approximately 48"x30" main table creates a very nice work space 

with less movement required by your operator. 

Table Top System means you can place anywhere in your shop.

We've also modified our tooling so you no longer need to raise

& lower the tool with every cycle.  It's now slightly raised so you 

can simply slide your sheets under the tool for board placement.

Everything you need right at your fingertips.  Both the glue machine

& Heat Press are both included with the package !


GluePro 24" Thermal Gluing Machine
CasePro Tooling Mounted to the Workstation
Heat Press 13" Heat Press (feed narrow side)


You can make Diploma Covers, Certificates, Menu's, Book Covers, Children's Books,

Cookbooks, Thesis Books, Hardcover Yearbooks, Journals & Much More !

Plugs into standard 110v outlet.
Guaranteed ! Be as productive as machines Tens of Thousands More $$$ for a much less.

Sale Price for the CasePro Kit System $3,995 plus tax/shipping from So. California, USA

CasePro Kit Hardcover System

We manufacture our own line of CaseMaking Products.  We also sell various support machinery to assist the process.  Casemaking is a unique & niche' market.  Maybe your a school district printshop who would like to bring these services in house.  Or maybe you're a printshop looking to offer hardcover services to your clients.  The opportunities for hardcover manufacturing are vast.  We're confident our experience and our machines can help you.  Please browse our offerings below.