Binder Products is a Certified Small Business in California, reference # 24937 !
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Punch Dies
19 ring plastic binding combs
GBC Combs, Coil Binding, Velo Binding, Double Loop Wire Binding, Aluminum Screw Posts, Report Covers, 3 ring Binders, Tape Bind Strips,
   Mailing PO Box 2209  Chino, Ca 91708    Physical  8926 Benson Ave., Ste. D  Montclair, Ca 91763
Pre-Owned Bindery Equipment
Binder Products is a Certified Small Business in California, reference # 24937
Binder Products is a 

Certified Small Business

in California, Reference 

# 24937.
GBC Combs, Coil Binding, Velo Binding, Double Loop Wire Binding, Aluminum Screw Posts, Report Covers, 3 ring Binders, Tape Bind Strips,
Velobind Strips
Coil Binding Supplies
All equipment is on our floor, unless otherwise stated
At Binder Products we're very aware of the uncertainty you feel when purchasing someone else's pre-owned equipment.  We always use qualified technicians on all of our pieces prior to their departure.  The only case we don't use a tech is when the machine doesn't need refurbishing in the first place.  It's very clean & doesn't require service.  We know and understand if you buy a piece of equipment from us that doesn't work as we've claimed chances are you're not going to buy other products from us, which wouldn't serve us well.  It's our goal to make sure you're completely satisfied with your purchase!  All equipment is on our floor in our So. Cal shop, or our No. Cal shop unless otherwise stated.  All equipment is available for testing and or demonstration.  We invite you to come down !
Used Sickinger Punch Dies available:
19 hole rectangular $1,795
4:1 Oval Die .2475 $2,700  
4:1 round $1,995 
2:1 square $2,500 Sale !!
3:1 square $2,500 Sale !!
5:1 round 21" die $2,500
5:1 round 13" die $1,895
Featuring ! GBC Digicoil Automatic Coil Inserter
*inserters from 8mm to 33mm Coil
*easy to use & operate
*In True like new condition !!  Customer said they never used it !!
Look Closely at the stainless steels tables, no scratches !!
On Our Floor Available for demo/inspection !!
Reg. Price $27,410
Sale Price $10,000
Punch Dies
Brand New Sickinger 13" Punch Dies available:
19 hole rectangular         $3,850
3:1 Square 4mm Square $4,250
2:1 Square 6mm Square $4,250
2:1 Round 6mm             $3,250
4:1 Round .248              $3,995
4:1 Round .250              $3,500
4:1 .2475 Oval                $4,250
3.5.7 hole for looseleaf    $2,500
New Sickinger Die Specs.:
The Sickinger tool has two thick Layers of punch support material (hard bronze) with a lubrication strip which can be periodically oiled, for increased punch guide lifespan.

Standard Tool Features
Hardened tool steel base inserts. 
Hard Bronze Guide material. 
Numbered, Hardened, precision tool steel punch pins. 
Re-oil able punch pin lubrication strip. 
Ring book hole punches.
Brand New Lhermite EX380 Punch Dies available:
19 hole rectangular         $3,800
3:1 Square 4mm Square $3,500
2:1 Square 6mm Square $3,500
4:1 Round .248              $3,500
4:1 .2475 Oval                $4,795
GBC AP-2 ultra 3 hole Die $950
GBC AP-2 ultra 19 hole die $1,850 Sale $1,500
GBC AP-2 ultra Coil Die 4:1 round $1,850
GBC AP-2 Ultra .2475 oval Die 4:1 oval $2,500
GBC AP-2 Ultra 3:1 Square Die, $2,100
GBC AP-2 Ultra 2:1 Square Die, $1,995

Used GBC Quantum Punch Dies
4:1 Oval .2475 $2,200

GBC Magna Punch 4:1 .2475 Oval Die $895
GBC Magna Punch 4:1 .2475 Round Die $595
GBC Magna Punch 4:1 Standard Round $495
GBC USP13 Hi Speed Punch
Runs Nice, Fully Serviced in Our Shop !!  Re-Coated Teflon Discs, Fully Serviced !!  Includes used 5:1 Round Die !!
Sale Price $6,995 !!
Baum 2020 with Right Angle
*purchased new in 1996, machine is in current operation & in good working condition, fold rollers are in good shape !  Very nice folder !!

Please come see it in action !!

Sale Price $12,500  
Reduced Sale Price $6,995 !!!  
*not on our floor but locally owned & we've seen this in operation & inspected it !
GBC Combs, Coil Binding, Velo Binding, Double Loop Wire Binding, Aluminum Screw Posts, Report Covers, 3 ring Binders, Tape Bind Strips,
James Burn Docupunch
Challenge Titan 200 Programmable Cutter
*20" cutting width
*powerful hydraulic clamping & cutting
*fully programmable with up to 99 jobs (9000 job storage)
*plexiglass safety shield
Fully Refurbished !
Beautiful Shape !  

$9,500 Sale Price

Lease This Cutter Today for under $300 per month !  Bring Your Stock & Test it !!
Challenge Spartan 150sa
Packed Up & Ready To Go !  Fully Serviced !
Comes with optional stand at no additional charge
*15-3/4" cutter with an electric blade
*comes with stand
*optical cutting line
*dual push button controls
*precise backgauge with LED display, adjustments via calibrated hand crank
*1-1/2" cutting height
Price $4,995    Sale Price $3,150
GBC Titan 110 Laminator, Fully Serviced & Resurfaced Rollers !  (see video to the right)
*rollers are new, we had them re-surfaced !!
*can accomodate 43" cold or thermal film
 (pictured with new 43" UV film)
*memory programs for storing commonly used jobs
*mount up to 1/2" boards
*foot pedal or push button operated
*independent top/bottom heat control
*On Wheels, Come See On Our Floor !!
Reg. Price $11,500    Sale Price $5,750 !!!
Lease for Under $200 per Month !!
Trade In your Old Laminator and get an Instant Rebate on this unit ! Come Demo in our Shop !
Have You Considered Leasing Your Equipment ?
GBC Magna Punch with 4:1 Oval Die !!
*used in good operation condition
​*comes with 4:1 oval Die !!!
New $5,500  + $1,500 For This Die !!
Sale Price for combo $2,500 !!
Bourg BB3001 Perfect Binder
*tool less changeovers, fully automatic
*binds up to 1-3/4" thick
*single clamp
*automatic air suction cover feeder
*LCD User Interface
*adjustable air suction
*milling/grinding adjustable
Sale Price $17,500  OBO
Lease This for under $825 !

Machine Serviced & Ready for Production !!  Come Test in our Shop !
Powis Parker Fastback 11 Tape Bind Machine
Binds up to 125 sheets (narrow), Runs Great !
Regular Price $3,995  
Refurbished Unit $1,695 !!  Come Try it !!
GBC CC2700 Electric Coil Inserter
New O-rings !!  Works Good !!
New $2,495
Sale Price $795
JBI Docupunch 2005 Model with 4:1 Oval Die
$31,000 Package for Half Price 
$17,500 Sale Price   Runs Great !!  
Watch the Video Below !
CoilMac EPI + Electric Punch & Coil Inserter !
*open Box Demo Unit, new warranty !!! 
*punches up to 25 sheets per punch
*disengageable pull pins
*4:1 Oval Holes

Nice Unit for smaller requirements !
Reg. Price $2,500
Sale Price Demo Unit $1,550 !!
Standard PF-P310 Dial a Fold  Folding Machine !
*easy to use,economical, reliable folding machine !
*folds up to 11"x17" sheet size
*friction folder
*press your fold pattern & sheet size, turn the knobs to the setting & that's it !
One of our top sellers for years !
New $3,995
Pre-Owned Unit $1,995
Come Give it a Test Run in our Shop !
Manual Paper Creaser
*easy to use table top creaser 
*great for applications to prevent cracking & making folding easier !
Creases up to 13.5" sheet size
Open Box Demo Unit $275
PL44wf 44" wide heated roll laminator
Docutech Style Copier Tabs, Reverse Collated
Manufacturers we represent:

James Burn International



Challenge Machinery


CP Bourg


Standard Horizon

Professional Laminating

Tamerica Products

Powis Parker


General Graphics

ProSeal 25" Commercial Laminator
Great for Board Mounting & Large Pouch Laminating !  Also doubles as a great Heat Press !
Rollers in Good Condition !!
Sale Price $1,295
Duplo System 5000 Dynamic Bookletmaker
Still in Production under 8 yrs. old, under 200,000 cycles !!!  Looks & Works New !!! Super Clean !!
Owner paid over $120,000 !!!  Sale Price $55,000

Sheet Feeder, Bookletmaker, Face Trimmer & Square Back Unit (square back has 'never' been used)
Duplo Square Back Machine has 
never been used !!!
Bourg BB3001 Demo Video
Watch our Digicoil Video !
Scott Tab Punch
*punch Index Tabs in Your Own Shop !!
Adjustable Punching Head gives you the flexibility to punch your desired tab width
*1/2" tab extension
*air operated
*easy to use & operate
Sale Price $4,995 obo
6 Roller Photo Pouch Laminator for crystal clear bubble free lamination
  Max Laminating Width: 13 inches
  Laminating Heat Range: 32-320 F
  Laminating Speed: 59" per minute
  Max Pouch Thickness: 10 mil
  Electric Temperature Control
  All Metal Construction
  Overheat Protection
  Silicon Rollers let you laminate without a carrier
  Metal Gears & Industrial Motor (1150 Watts /12V)
  Jam Release (reverse) Switch
  Cold Laminating Function
Sale Price $549.00
2 Open Box Demo Units $439 !!
Our Customer Tried these once & decided they needed something bigger !
19 ring plastic binding combs
Ibico EPK21 Heavy Duty GBC Comb Punch
Fantastic Electric Punch & Bind Machine
punches appx. 20 sheets per punch
Foot Pedal Operated
Disengageable Pull Pins
Manual Comb Spreader
Depth Guide

Nice Unit in Good Condition 
New $2,495
Sale Price $850
GBC System Four Bind
*binds up to 3" thick
*easy to use & operate
Used in Good Working Condition
New $3,395
Sale Price $1,495