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Binder Products is a Certified Small Business in California, reference # 24937 !
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19 ring plastic binding combs
GBC Combs, Coil Binding, Velo Binding, Double Loop Wire Binding, Aluminum Screw Posts, Report Covers, 3 ring Binders, Tape Bind Strips,
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Pre-Owned Bindery Equipment
Binder Products is a Certified Small Business in California, reference # 24937
Velobind Strips
Binder Products is a 

Certified Small Business

in California, Reference 

# 24937.
GBC Combs, Coil Binding, Velo Binding, Double Loop Wire Binding, Aluminum Screw Posts, Report Covers, 3 ring Binders, Tape Bind Strips,
Coil Binding Supplies
All equipment is on our floor, unless otherwise stated
At Binder Products we're very aware of the uncertainty you feel when purchasing someone else's pre-owned equipment.  We always use qualified technicians on all of our pieces prior to their departure.  The only case we don't use a tech is when the machine doesn't need refurbishing in the first place.  It's very clean & doesn't require service.  We know and understand if you buy a piece of equipment from us that doesn't work as we've claimed chances are you're not going to buy other products from us, which wouldn't serve us well.  It's our goal to make sure you're completely satisfied with your purchase!  All equipment is on our floor in our So. Cal shop, or our No. Cal shop unless otherwise stated.  All equipment is available for testing and or demonstration.  We invite you to come down !
Used Sickinger Punch Dies available:
19 hole rectangular $1,795
4:1 Oval Die .2475 $2,500  
4:1 round $1,995 
2:1 square $2,500 Sale !!
3:1 square $2,500 Sale !!
5:1 round 21" die $2,500
5:1 round 13" die $1,895
Just In ! GBC Digicoil Automatic Coil Inserter
*inserts from 8mm to 33mm Coil
*easy to use & operate
Good Working Condition ! 
Sale Price $7995 !!
Punch Dies
Brand New Sickinger 13" Punch Dies available:
19 hole rectangular         $4,250
3:1 Square 4mm Square $4,500
2:1 Square 6mm Square $4,500
2:1 Round 6mm             $3,995
4:1 Round .248              $3,995
4:1 Round .250              $3,995
4:1 .2475 Oval                $4,995
3.5.7 hole for looseleaf    $3,500
New Sickinger Die Specs.:
The Sickinger tool has two thick Layers of punch support material (hard bronze) with a lubrication strip which can be periodically oiled, for increased punch guide lifespan.

Standard Tool Features
Hardened tool steel base inserts. 
Hard Bronze Guide material. 
Numbered, Hardened, precision tool steel punch pins. 
Re-oil able punch pin lubrication strip. 
Ring book hole punches.
Brand New Lhermite EX380 Punch Dies available:
19 hole rectangular         $3,800
3:1 Square 4mm Square $3,500
2:1 Square 6mm Square $3,500
4:1 Round .248              $3,500
4:1 .2475 Oval                $4,795
GBC AP-2 ultra Velobind Die $1,300
GBC AP-2 ultra 19 hole die $1,850 Sale $1,500
GBC AP-2 ultra Coil Die 4:1 round $1,995 !
GBC AP-2 Ultra .2475 oval Die 4:1 oval $2,500
GBC AP-2 Ultra 3:1 Square Die, $2,100
GBC AP-2 Ultra 3:1 Round Die, $1,750
GBC AP-2 Ultra 2:1 Square Die, $1,995
 GBC Quantum Punch Dies
4:1 Oval .2475 $2,200
JBI AlphaDoc Dies: 19 hole Comb $1,495
                                 3:1 Round $1,795
                                 4:1 Round $1,895
GBC Combs, Coil Binding, Velo Binding, Double Loop Wire Binding, Aluminum Screw Posts, Report Covers, 3 ring Binders, Tape Bind Strips,
James Burn Docupunch
Challenge Titan 200 Programmable Cutter
*20" cutting width
*powerful hydraulic clamping & cutting
*fully programmable with up to 99 jobs (9000 job storage)
*plexiglass safety shield
Fully Refurbished !
Beautiful Shape !  See our Checklist Below !!

$8,500 Sale Price  

We also Lease our Pre-Owned Equipment !
PL44wf 44" wide heated roll laminator
Docutech Style Copier Tabs, Reverse Collated
Manufacturers we represent:

James Burn International



Challenge Machinery


CP Bourg


Standard Horizon

Professional Laminating

Tamerica Products

Powis Parker


General Graphics

ProSeal 25" Commercial Laminator
Great for Board Mounting & Large Pouch Laminating !  Also doubles as a great Heat Press !
Rollers in Good Condition !!
Sale Price $1,295
19 ring plastic binding combs
Rhinotuff HD7000 Heavy Duty Punch
in good condition ! 
Includes New 3:1 Square Die !!
Sale Price $2,195
Clean Rhinotuff HD7000 Heavy Duty Punch with BRAND NEW 3:1 Square Die & Lightly Used 2:1 Die, Also includes "NEW HD8000 Wire Closer !!!  New $5,785
Sale Price $3,295 !!
Rhinotuff HD4170 Coil Inserter
*great condition, used (new unit pictured)
All metal construction !
New $1,495
Sale Price $895 !!
We have Several Financing Programs Available including 90 days Same As Cash, 0% Financing & Standard Lease Options Available ! Most Credit Ratings A through D accepted !
Short Demo Video
Challenge Spartan 150SA Paper Cutter
15-3/4 cutting width
manual clamp & backgauge
LED Cut Line
Sale Price $2,995
We have these Paper Cutters, Challenge Titan 200 Hydraulic at our disposal.  We have them refurbished & ready for service ! Great Condition !  Let us put one on your floor for half the price of new !!  See our checklist & services performed during our refurbishing process of these fine cutters.
Velobind System 3 Pro
Sale Price  $1,995.  

GBC/IBICO EPK21 used in nice working condition !
New $2,295
Sale Price $850
GBC CC2700 Coil Inserter
clean machine, works well !!
New $2,500
Sale Price $899
GBC Titan 1244 Wide Format Laminator
Nice Condition,! Mount up to 1/2" Board Substrates !  Heated Rollers ! Digital
Temperature Control !!  
New $14,500
Sale Price $4,995 
HD4170 Coil Inserter
*inserts from 6mm to 35mm
*all metal construction
Sale Price $895
GBC AP2 Ultra Automatic Punch ! JUST IN !
*good working condition, very clean !!
*ideal for uncoated stocks 20lb to 110 lb., tabs okay, and mixed in covers
New $27,000 + $4,500 Die
Sale Price $9,500
**Comes with 4:1 oval die .2475 or Velobind Die, 
Your Choice !
Want a GBC Digicoil with it ?  Save Big $$ on
a package deal !!  Just Ask !!
Pitney Bowes Mailer Inserter DI950
Purchased new 4 years ago for $55,000 !
Low Use, Excellent Condition !
Only $25,000 !!
The DI950 is designed specifically to meet the high-end demands of mailers with a wide variety
of applications. It has a modern look and a sleek design to fit the needs of most mid and largesized
businesses and mail centers, enabling more system functionality with a smaller footprint.

Key Benefits:
• PacPilot™ control panel offers unprecedented ease-of use
• Automatic setup for up to 24 stored jobs.
• Greater productivity — will process up to 5,400 pieces per hour or 120,000 / 200,000
(Enhanced Base) pieces per month.
• Supports a wider range of envelope sizes, including small envelopes, from 6 3/4" to #11,
and flats 10 1/2" x 13" eliminating the need to complete some jobs by hand, or investing
in a second dedicated machine.
• Excellent system for short runs and reprints in production mail operations
• Load-on-the-fly capabilities allow the system to pause until new material is loaded,
which increases productivity by not stopping the system during a job to refill the stations.
• Clear Deck function allows user to clear all the material within the transport area at the
touch of a button at the end of each job.
• Linked Feeders - All feeders are linked to increase running time.
• Ergonomically convenient — automatic height adjustable tables with shelf and doors.
• High Capacity Envelope Feeder that loads on-the-fly and holds up to 500 envelopes.
• High Capacity Sheet Feeder - up to two HCSF's adds up to 4,000 sheets
• Booklet inserter
Pitney Bowes DI950 Short Video Clip
Horizon BQ270 Perfect Binder, eva
machine is currently under power with one of our customers.  They have 2 units and no longer have the workflow for both.  Machine is in good working condition.  Horizon is known for there quality & durable construction.  

Sale Price $26,495
Single Clamp 
Min. Book Size: 5.4" x 4.2"
Max. Book Size: 12.6" x 12.6" 
Book Thickness: 0.04" to 2" 
Glue Temperature: 120°C to 180°C
Max. Milling Depth: 0.12"
Max. 500 Cycles/hr. 
LCD Touch-Screen 
Cover Feeder
Milling & Roughening
Side Glue Application
Cover Scoring
Vertical Stack Delivery 
Arriving Next Week !  Sickinger Twinserter Automatic Double Loop Wire Binder !
Easy to use Compact Machine !  Binds from 1/4" to 1-1/4" 3:1 & 2:1 spool wire.

Sale Price $12,500  Pics coming soon
JBI Alphadoc, late 90's unit with 4:1 round die 
Good Working Condition !!
Sale Price $16,500
Same size as a Fastback unit. This is less expensive to operate.

A tape bind strip will cost you $.40/each. Glue from the perfect
binding machine will cost you less than 1 cent per book. They're
compatible in processing time. You also have more customization
options by creating a 1 piece cover.

New $4,495
Demo Unit Price $3,495 !! 

Watch our short demo video !

Velobind System 3 Pro, like new condition !
Binds up to 3" thick
Punch between 25-30 sheets
New $5,500
Sale Price $2,795