Binder Products is a Certified Small Business in California, reference # 24937 !
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Punch Dies
19 ring plastic binding combs
GBC Combs, Coil Binding, Velo Binding, Double Loop Wire Binding, Aluminum Screw Posts, Report Covers, 3 ring Binders, Tape Bind Strips,
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Drills, Bookletmakers & Corner Rounders
Binder Products is a Certified Small Business in California, reference # 24937
Binder Products is a 

Certified Small Business

in California, Reference 

# 24937.
GBC Combs, Coil Binding, Velo Binding, Double Loop Wire Binding, Aluminum Screw Posts, Report Covers, 3 ring Binders, Tape Bind Strips,
Velobind Strips
Coil Binding Supplies
- Powerful Hydraulic Operation
- 2-1/2" Drilling Capacity
- Fast and Easy Head Adjustments
- Flexible Backgauge Adjustments
- Automatic Drill Return
- Auto-Trip Side Guide (optional)

Number of Drill Heads 3 
Drill Sizes Available (2" capacity) 1/8" to 1/2" / 3 to 13 mm 
Drill Sizes Available (2-1/2" capacity) 1/4" to 1/2" / 6 to 13 mm 
Range Between Drills 2-3/4" to 4-1/2" / 7 - 11 cm 
Range Between Outside Drills 5-1/2" to 9" / 14 - 23 cm 
Maximum Drilling Capacity 2-1/2" / 63 mm 
Strokes per Minute (adjustable) Up to 18 
Backgauge Adjustment 0 to 4-1/2" / 0 to 11 cm 
Vertical Adjustment of Individual Heads 1/4" / 6 mm 

Price $6,995
Challenge EH3C
Hydraulic 3 Spindle Drill
Corner Rounding Machines
Paper Drills, Bookletmakers & Corner Rounders
■2-1/2” lift capacity in 4 different drill bit sizes (1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2"). Machine can be converted to a 2” maximum lift capacity for a wider range of available hole sizes (1/8” to 1/2"). 

■Safe to operate - Spindle motor automatically turns on when the pull-down lever is moved and automatically switches off when the lever returns to the up position. 

■Conveniently located chip collector cups - Located around the spindle, they include a sight gauge to signify when the cups are full and need to be emptied. The cups also serve as safety covers with interlock switches. When removed to change the drill bit or to empty the paper chips, power to the motor is locked out until the cups are replaced. 

■Adjustable backgauge stops – The backgauge includes 4 adjustable stops for drilling multiple hole pattern jobs. Just flip the switch and move your pile to the next setting.

Drill Head Operation Hand Lever 
Drill Sizes Available 1/8" to 1/2" / 3 to 13 mm 
Lift Capacity 2-1/2" / 6.4cm 
Minimum Distance Between Holes 3/8" center to center / 9.5 mm 
Maximum Distance Drill To Side Guide 9-7/8" / 25.1 cm 
Maximum Margin Hole Center To Sheet Edge 2-1/2" / 6.4 cm 
Side Guide Trip Manual 

Price $1,395
Challenge Handy Drill
The FP-1(X)LS uses hollow bits
to punch up to 300 sheets at one
time. Table slides to position set
by adjustable stops. These stops
allow for set-up of two, three or
four hole punching. Punch bits
are available in sizes 3/16”, 1/4”,
5/16” and 3/8” Handles up to 14”
wide paper.

Price $299
The Standard F40 Bookletmaker is the perfect entry-level unit for automated in-house bookletmaking for smaller shops and organizations. The set-up and operation are straightforward. Four staple head positions offer maximum flexibility and can easily staple and fold up to 25 sheets of 20-lb. paper. The F40 can also function as a corner/side stapler both as a stand-alone as well as in its in-line configuration. The soft rubber folders handle a wide range of stock without marking. It functions both in-line with a Standard QC-S30/QC-S300 (friction) collators (plus other brands) or in as a stand-alone unit as well. Max Sheet Size 12"x18".

Price $7,975
(pictured with optional stand $462.50)
*other options available
The Standard SPF-P9 bookletmaker is well suited to run both off-line or in-line with the QC-S30/300 collators. Capable of producing booklets at speeds up to 1,980 booklets per hour, the SPF-P9 features simple semi-automatic setup. Changing over to any size sheets from 8.5" x 11" to 11" x 17 is accomplished by rotating the easily accessible control knobs. When working with 8.5" x 11" sheets, finished sets can be stapled and folded, folded only, top or side stapled or top stapled and folded. 

The FC-P9 Face Trimmer can be added to trim the edge of the book by .08" to 1/2" to provide the highest quality booklets. 

SPF-P9 Bookletmaker $11,550
FC-P9 Face Trimmer $7,175
Collating Tower $8,500 each
Base Stands & Optional Conveyors and other accessories are additional
- 6 Sizes of Cornering Blades
- Handles Any Size Sheet
- 4" Lift Capacity
- Precise Cutting Action
- Gravity Chip Disposal 

Maximum Lift Height 4" / 10 cm 
Range of Lift Widths Open 
Corner Sizes Handled 1/8" to 5/8" / 3 - 16 mm 
Table Depth 24" / 6 cm 
Table Width 20-1/4" / 51.5 cm 
Table Height 36" / 91 cm 
Overall Height 52" / 132 cm 
Floor Space Needed 24" x 20-1/4" / 61 x 51.5 cm 
Net Weight (approximate) 190 lbs / 86 kg 
Shipping Weight (approximate) 265 lbs / 120 kg 
1 Phase, 60 Hz, AC.   Pump: 1/2 HP
115 Volts, 13.5 Amps (service size 20 Amps) 

Price $6,995

(available in manual or hydraulic)
The ultimate industrial use electric corner rounding equipment. Ideal for large jobs that require high productivity.

Carefully crafted with only the highest quality components. 
Work with all standard materials, like: PVC, polyester, leather, paper, polypropeline, etc. 
Have high productivity: Specially designed to cut through multiple sheets at a time with the least effort and with minimum die depreciation. 
Are practical: With an interchangeable die system for your various jobs. 
Are ideal for rounding covers, pouches, pictures, all types of IDs, invitations, postcards, etc. 

Foot Pedal Operated
1.97" cutting capacity

1 yr. warranty

Optional Die Size 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" corner radius

Price $2,995 (includes 2 dies 1/8" & 1/4")
GBC Combs, Coil Binding, Velo Binding, Double Loop Wire Binding, Aluminum Screw Posts, Report Covers, 3 ring Binders, Tape Bind Strips,
James Burn Docupunch
The Diamond Series just got better !  The Diamond 7 is the next 
generation in heavy duty table top Corner Rounding.  This unit
can cut up to 2.75" per lift !

Foot Pedal Operated
2.75" cutting capacity (up to 700 sheets)
Patented Die Design
Safety Cover

1 yr. warranty

5 Optional Dies Size 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" corner radius plus half moon 

Price $4,995 (includes 2 dies 1/8" & 1/4")
Lease for Under $260/month !
PL44wf 44" wide heated roll laminator
Docutech Style Copier Tabs, Reverse Collated
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