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James Burn Docupunch
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Our Hardcovers can be used with any Velobind style machines.  Simply, place the end sheets on the front & back of your book to be bound, bind the whole document with the end sheets, center it down the spine & pull out the end sheets & you're done.  Really simple.  And a very secure, long lasting book that won't come apart easily like a glue/thermal bind hardcover.

Our standard hardcovers have a smooth embossing material & are great for foil stamping & other decorating ideas.  

Our stock colors come in black, navy, maroon, red and white   Although we can bring in many other colors !  We also offer custom foil stamping services !  Our stock sizes are for 8.5”x11” sheets & come in Spine sizes A, B, C & D.    Size E or larger is available for additional costs/minimums.

All covers come 25 pieces per box per color, 50 end sheets per box.  And they’re on our shelves ready for your order.  No 3 to 4 week lead times.  No set-up charges, No custom order fees.  

We can also make your company full color printed hardcovers.
25 pieces per box   **1 box minimum 
*stocked on our shelves up to Size D in Black or Navy

Spine Size  *based on number of sheets of paper, 20 lb. bond

A up to 1/4"     60 sheets       
B 1/4" to 1/2"   120 sheets
C 1/2" to 3/4"   180 sheets
D 3/4" to 1"      240 sheets  *we need a few days to make these
We also make Size E for bigger spine applications, add $.50 per cover for Size E's.

*2 end sheets per cover (25 sets per box)

25 + Pieces $9.00/per cover ($225.00/box)  
*add $3.00 per cover for Foil Stamping up to 20 sq. inches

100 piece order 15% discount, price is $7.65/piece
*add $2.00 per cover for Foil Stamping up to 20 sq. inches

500 piece order 28% discount, price is $6.50/piece
*add $1.00 per cover for Foil Stamping up to 20 sq. inches

**one time die charge would apply for customers requesting foil stamping

**$45 set up for Foil Stamping jobs
$10 handling fee per order.
Additional End Sheets $35.00 per pack of 25 sets
Velobind Hardcovers 
(compatible with Secure Bind & Strip Bind Systems)
easy pull back release liner for end sheets, 
2 end sheets per cover
release liner on spine exposes aggressive adhesive to help bind book to spine
For Customers looking for the most "Full Proof" hardcover binding system we offer our "BinderPro" Hardcover.  This utilizes a stitcher or heavy duty stapler.  You can use your own heavy duty stitching machine or you can purchase one of our heavy duty staplers.  

Our System is designed to imitate a true sewn/stitched book, without the high expense.  

We make Full Color Laminated Hardcovers & our Standard Stock Kivar Hardcovers.  

Full Color Covers have a 150 piece minimum.

Kivar Hardcovers (kivar is a coated material that has a vinyl or leathery appearance, this is our house stock) Have a 50 piece Minimum.

*sold in 25 piece increments thereafter                             

Kivar Hardcovers are great for Foil Stamping !  

*each book comes with 2 premium end sheets  

*Designed for 8.5"x11" Sheet Sizes.  Custom Sizes available.

**our premium end sheet is a folio style end sheet with a glued edge to conceal the binding & concealed reinforcement tape.  
Staple Your Book Block with Our Heavy Duty Commercial Stapler.  This can staple up to 1" thick, and has a fully adjustable backgauge !!
Our Hardcovers are Secure and will not come apart !!
Place your Book Block in the Hardcover, Pull out the End Sheets, and that's it !
hardcover video using our stapling/stitching process (not perfect bind)
Line up your Hardcover & Book Block against a simple Jig !
the BinderPro Hardcover
Table Top Unit 

*1-1/2" Heavy Duty Tubular Steel, Welded & Powder Coated
*Opposing Left & Right Threaded Shaft for Self Centering Spine Fingers
*Adjustable Edge Folder for Accomodating Any Board Thickness up to 1/2" thick
*1/4" Durable Non Stick smooth work surface, self healing
*Adjustable Edge Guides
*1 yr limited warranty
60 lbs.
(pictured stand not included)
What can you make with the CasePro ?

3 Ring Binders, Menu Covers, Diploma Covers, Certificate Covers, Hardcover Books, Yearbooks, Novels, Children's Books, Dissertation & Thesis Books, Re-Union Books, Company Marketing Materials, Log Books, Journals, Wire Bind Hardcover Books, Coil Bind Books !  Endless Possibilities !!
The most common width of a sheet requiring adhesive coating for hardcover book binding is 13".  This 24" glue coater has more than enough size capacity.  It applies a thin coat of adhesive to your printed or synthetic sheets.  Hot Thermal Glue has an indefinite open time and once contact is made to your boards it bonds permanently.  

Runs at appx. 4 seconds per foot.
Appx. 1 hour warm-up time

Easy to add glue pillows to reservoir
Hardcover Case Making Equipment
Our years of Hardcover/Turned Edge experience has given us much better insight into the basic requirements of small companies looking to expand there product line & bring turned edge products in house.  

We manufacture our own Case Maker.  The CaseProX.

Our CasePro is our table top Case Making Table.  This unit consists of our patent pending self-centering spine finger assembly. 1-1/2" Tubular Steel Frame, Edge Folder, Self Healing Mat surface and Edge Guides.  Making hardcover products has never been easier.  
This unit is sturdy & durable as well as compact and practical.  No need for light fixtures or cutting tools.  Those components do nothing to increase production.  Our Edge Folder is easily adjustable and does an outstanding job !!  It's also very accessible if you get it dirty.
You can Tape Bind your Documents & turn them into beautiful Hardcovers using our Easy System !

Simply add our End Sheets to the front & back of your book block.  Using your existing Powis Parker Fastback Machine or Standard Accubind Machine bind the document.

​Then slide the book into the hardcover, pull off the release liner & you're done !!  Very Simple to Make !!

Kivar Covers (plain black or navy finish)

25 pieces $9.00

100 pieces $7.99

500 pieces $6.99

*price is per cover, 25 covers per box + 50 end sheets
*please order in 25 piece increments
​*8.5"x11" Sheet Size
*Please call for Full Color Laminated prices

These Hardcovers utilize our Folio Style End Sheet !  Easy to Use & They Look Great !!
Hardcovers for Tape Binding Applications
PL44wf 44" wide heated roll laminator
Docutech Style Copier Tabs, Reverse Collated
Manufacturers we represent:

James Burn International



Challenge Machinery


CP Bourg


Standard Horizon

Professional Laminating

Tamerica Products

Powis Parker


General Graphics

BinderPro Hardcover Pricing, 8.5"x11" Book Size

Kivar Style
50 pieces

150 pieces

300 pieces

500 pieces

*Kivar is a smooth material that is great for foil stamping & embossing.  You can also decorate your covers with your own printed Dust Covers

(foil stamping charges range from $2.50 per book to $.85 per book depending on quantities + one time die charges)
Full Color Printed & Laminated Style
150 pieces

300 pieces

500 pieces

Both Kivar & Full Color utilize our Premium End Sheets for the Stapling or Stitching Process.
Use our Hardcovers with any Powis Parker Tape Bind Machine or Standard Accubind Machine !!
Perfect Bind Hardcovers
These Hardcovers work great with Perfect Bind machines such as Manual Cover machines like our Graphic Whizard 460a or any other manual machine on the market.  They also work excellent in more automated cover feed machines like Horizon BQ270, Bourg BB3001, BB3002 or similar models.

Simply place our one cover end sheet in the cover feeder like a standard cover & press go !

The book block will bind to the 1 piece end sheet like a regular book.  Then you simply take the book block, place into the hardcover & remove the release liners.  Very Easy !!  And because the book block & end sheets are not bound directly to the spine of the hardcover it puts less stress on the book.  Long Lasting & Nice Finish !! 

Kivar Synthetic Material (plain)  (We also make full color laminated hardcovers)

​25 pieces  $9.00/each
100 pieces $7.99/each
500 pieces $6.99/each

Each hardcover comes with 1 end sheet.  Additional End Sheets are available for purchase.  End Sheet Prices:

100 pieces $2.25/each
500 pieces $1.99/each
1000 pieces $1.75/each
Our Premium End Sheets are available for Additional Purchase.  Glued Edge, Drill Tape 
(reinforcement), folio style:

25 to 500 sets $2.50/each
500 to 1000 sets $2.35/each
perfect bind end sheets
24" capacity
hot glue machine
practical & very easy to use
*110v electrical

We've used this same glue machine to make thousands and thousands of hardcover books !
Our 13" Roll Laminator does a very nice job single side laminating.  This unit allows for 3" cores & Large Roll diameters for your single side laminating film. 

Heated Rollers for on contact thermal laminating.
Removable Heat Source from bottom roller gives better results for single side applications
Adjustable Nip Rollers for great pressure & adjustable tension for single side laminating.
Fast Adjustable Speed for production requirements.
Optional side slitters.

A Paper Cutter is almost a must in a Hardcover Production facility.  Unless you're purchasing pre-cut boards and materials and covers you will need a paper cutter to convert your materials.  Corner Cutting, Cutting Spines and Boards, Trimming Covers.  This is part of the process.

We sell both new & used paper cutting machines.

We'd be glad to answer any questions for your paper cutting requirements.
We've never made a single hardcover in our shop without the use of a heat press.  Some shops use a 'press' only, or sometimes even a laminator.  We've had superior results using a heat press with softer rollers.  Other units can also accomplish the task.  But the soft rollers on the ProSeal Machines do an outstanding job squeezing & "Sealing" your hardcover product.  The combined heat and sealing pressure do an even better job on full color laminated products.  A big difference in the results !

Give us a call to discuss what units we have in stock !
Patent Pending
Binder Products is a Certified Small Business in California, reference # 24937 !
Here are some other critical pieces needed for Hardcover manufacturing:
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19 ring plastic binding combs
bookbinding equipment
book making machine
photo book binding equipment
hardcover book binding machine
hardcover binding machine
case binding
hardcover book binding machine
Made Local !  Made in the USA !
Yearbooks and End Sheets used to make School Yearbooks !
Tape Bind Hardcovers
Our basic package includes the CasePro Casemaker with our 24" Gluing Machine.
Glue Supplies are easy to add
while operating !
You Need Hi Production Gluing ?  Add our DC24 Gluer to your line.  These Industrial Gluers have been used in factories to run "Non Stop" for many years !!  

24" Gluing Width (available in diffferent widths)
Hold Down Rollers
Designed for Continuous Use
Thermal Glues
Variable Speed & Heat Controls
Fast Operation