Binder Products is a Certified Small Business in California, reference # 24937 !
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Punch Dies
19 ring plastic binding combs
GBC Combs, Coil Binding, Velo Binding, Double Loop Wire Binding, Aluminum Screw Posts, Report Covers, 3 ring Binders, Tape Bind Strips,
GBC Combs, Coil Binding, Velo Binding, Double Loop Wire Binding, Aluminum Screw Posts, Report Covers, 3 ring Binders, Tape Bind Strips,
James Burn Docupunch
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Paper Folding & Creasing Machines
Binder Products is a Certified Small Business in California, reference # 24937
Binder Products is a 

Certified Small Business

in California, Reference 

# 24937.
GBC Combs, Coil Binding, Velo Binding, Double Loop Wire Binding, Aluminum Screw Posts, Report Covers, 3 ring Binders, Tape Bind Strips,
Velobind Strips
Coil Binding Supplies
*Easy to use
*Nice Feed System
*Six automatic fold patterns
*Quiet Operation
*up to 11"x17"
*friction feed folding machine
Just 'Dial-in' the fold setting by pressing the fold pattern you want, the sheet size & press start!!  Great Commercial Folder !
Standard Horizon
PF-310 Dial a Fold
The Standard PF-P330 Paper Folder combines the simplicity of push-button set up with reliable mark-free suction feed in a table-top unit. It's ease of use and quiet operation make it a must for any office or print environment that is folding a variety of stocks that are printed both by traditional offset and digital printers. The patented suction-feed system adds to its strength as a work horse that is simple to operate even with lightweight and statically charged sheets. The PF-P330 is the logical choice for paper folding a wide variety of stocks quickly, easily and reliably.
Folds: 5.5"x5.5" up to 12"x17"
Stock: 14 lb. to 60 lb. cover
Presets: 4 pre-set folds, 10 custom folds

This Folder is a great little machine !!  Table top, push button air folder, easy to use & operate !!
PF-P330 Air Folding Machine
Price $7,050
The Standard Horizon EF-35 provides a clear choice for tabletop suction feed folding needs. Capable of folding 30,000 sheets per hour, the EF-35 delivers both command and control to the operator for every folding job. Complete with combination rubber and steel folding rollers and self-compensating gapping, the EF-35 is as easy to set up as it is to operate. The steel folding rollers encompass horizontal machining found on paper folders that can cost 4-5 times more, the grooving on the rollers provides positive sheet grip while minimizing scratching and scuffing on today's advanced digital stocks. This unique folder, serves the traditional print markets as well, with its great range of stock capabilities and productive throughput.
*Max Sheet Size: 25.5"x13.7"
*Bond Paper: 20lb to 65 lb., Cover 17lb. to 90 lb.
*Stand & Sound Enclosures included
*220v Single Phase Electrical
Sale Price $9,775
The PF-40 combines high-volume suction feed capabilities
with the intelligent automation that Horizon products are so
well known for. The 1,000 sheet capacity top-fed system is
the same suction feed system as is used on both the highly
popular VAC Collators and PF-P330 Folder providing for
reliable mark-free feeding from static laden digitally printed
sheets as well as conventional prints.
The PF-40’s push-button control panel enables any user to
set-up for the six most popular fold patterns of standard cutsheet
sizes. The paper size range for the PF-40 is from 5” x
5” to 12.5” x 18.5” and thicknesses from 13 lb. bond to 60 lb.
cover without requiring pre-scoring or creasing. Memory
capacity allows for easy programming of ten unique fold 
patterns and/or non-standard sheet sizes to be recalled at any time. 

Additionally the built in registration guide table keeps sheets correctly registered at its highest operating speed of 390 sheets per minute. The rolling MT-40 base cabinet is included in the cost.
Price $13,995
Watch a Video Demonstration !  (copy & paste the link)
Horizon PF-40 Automated Air Folding Machine
Horizon PF-35 Air Folding Machine
The AutoCreaser 33 provides the complete solution to the problem of cracking that occurs when folding digitally printed output. It is equally effective in dealing with conventionally printed card, laminates or cross-grained stock.

Creasing versus Scoring.
Traditional rotary scoring machines use circular blades that are in constant motion as the stock passes through them. This creates a ploughing action that actually cuts through the top fibres of the paper or card in order to create a score. Inevitably this weakens the paper and encourages cracking. In contrast, the Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 33 employs a unique creasing rule and matrix as illustrated overleaf, that eliminates tearing and, therefore, cracking.

Key Product Features
• 7" SmartScreen touch screen
• Intuitive and easy to use
• Fully automatic
• Up to 16 creases per sheet
• Takes stock up to 0.015" (approx 150lb cover)*
• Rule and matrix guaranteed for life
• 8500 sheets per hour
• Unlimited alpha numeric memory
• Adjustable crease depth & square
• Perforating as standard
• Crease without cracking

The new intuitive 7” SmartScreen controls all the main functions of the AutoCreaser Pro 33. Using the screen is simplicity itself. Key in the sheet length (popular sizes are pre-set), touch the fold type for the finished product (letter, gate etc) and press the green button. The AutoCreaser Pro 33 will automatically calculate where the creases need to be and set them accordingly.

Any minor changes to the crease position can be made by touching an arrow in the relevant direction. The productivity of the AutoCreaser Pro 33 has been improved with a massive 50% increase in speed with no loss of accuracy. Now running at 8,500 8.5" x 11" sheets per hour, and an astonishing 11,000 6.5" x 8.5" sph, this is our most productive creaser to date.

The AutoCreaser Pro 33 has the new Morgana PosiFeed feeding system. The drum stops as the vacuum pulls the sheet down before the drum begins to feed. This significant change will enable the feeder to be piled higher and feed the most difficult of stocks.

All settings and adjustments are made using the new SmartScreen and as only symbols are used, operation couldn’t be simpler. An alpha-numeric memory allows an unlimited number of jobs to be stored and named as you choose. This makes job recall much easier as you can use your own job name and numbers for storage.

Any changes to the suction drum, feed method, crease position and engineering settings are all made through the SmartScreen which has been developed and designed to make the AutoCreaser Pro 33 the easiest machine to operate whilst offering levels of sophistication never before seen at this price point.

Perforation comes as standard on the AutoCreaser Pro range with a wide variety of wheels available to suit all applications.

Price $14,100  (Autocreaser 50 $17,250 (same machine with sheet size capability up to 27.5"x19.6")
The Morgana DocuFold Pro (pictured above) is a brand new concept fully automatic paper folding machine.

Equipped with the latest SmartScreen technology, it enables an operator with minimum training to carry out a variety of folds from an icon driven touch screen. An unlimited alpha numeric memory is available to store all standard and non standard jobs.

Key product features
• Powerful suction feeder
• 7" SmartScreen
• Side lay alignment of the sheets, prior to folding
• Low pressure suction chamber to control curled paper before it enters the fold rollers
• Fully enclosed fold plates. Fitted with anti-static brushes
• Plug in perforating and scoring attachment
• Variable speed up to 27,500 sph
• Catch tray to collect work for perforating or scoring
• Driven delivery belt stacker
• Counting & batching
• Double sheet, and jam detector

Key to the Morgana DocuFold Pro design criteria was a machine with a high degree of automation. Operation is therefore simplicity itself. Enter the sheet size and fold type on the DocuFold Pro SmartScreen and the machine automatically adjusts the fold plates and delivery rollers electronically.

The fold rollers will also compensate for most types of fold or paper weight without the need for adjustment, further enhancing the ease of use. Built-in anti-static brushes assist in the discharge of statically charged print material, one of the most troublesome problems faced by document finishers today.

To control curled paper, another potential difficulty, the pressure suction chamber which is built into the feed table, gently pulls down each sheet as it is being fed into the fold rollers.

Minimum Sheet Size 6.2"x5.5"
Maximum Sheet Size 26.5"x14.3"
Folds 16 lb. cover bond to 90 lb. cover
500 Sheet Load Capacity
Fully Programmable
Folds up to 27,000 sph (8.5"x11")
Dimensions: 48.8" L x 21.8" W x 53.9" H
Weight: 260 lbs.
240 v, 50/60 hz

Price $12,962

Creasing & Folding for Digital Stocks
This Document Creaser can score paper widths up to 13 5/8” and as deep as 12 1/2". It's designed to score/crease documents or prints that can be damaged easily due to cracking of printed ink. There are two types of scores that this machine will do. One is a single score and if you turn the removable dies to the opposite surfaces it will do a cover and spine hinge with 1 pull of the lever (two opposing scores – 1 for the spine edge and one for the cover opening hinge). It also has a sizing mechanism to create a perfectly sized book cover by setting the mechanism to the amount of paper in the book. The score or crease is applied by even downward pressure rather than by a rotary method, which can allow cracking, tearing or tracking. This manual tabletop machine requires very little effort to pull down the handle for a precise crease. This unit is ideal for any application that requires a perfect score, including greeting cards, book covers and more etc.


  Max Sheet Width: 13 5/8"
  Max Paper Weight: up to 17 pt. cover
  Max Score Length: 12.5"
  Min Score Length: 1 3/4"

Paper Size: 13 5/8"
Paper Feed: Hand
Scoring: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year
Power: Hand
Size: 5" H x 15 3/8" W x 19 3/4" D 
pictured Autocreaser 33 Pro
Morgana DigiFold Pro     Crease & Fold in One Pass !

The DigiFold Pro is an automatic creasing / folding machine designed specifically for the professional digital or litho printer who has a need to crease and fold digitally printed, heavy weight or cross grained stock. Creasing versus Scoring.  Traditional rotary scoring machines use circular blades that are in constant motion as the stock passes through them. This creates a ploughing action that actually cuts through the top fibres of the paper or card in order to create a score. Inevitably this weakens the paper and encourages cracking.In contrast, the Morgana DigiFold Pro employs a unique creasing rule and matrix, the DynaCrease, that eliminates tearing and--therefore, cracking.  By using this patented technology, the DynaCrease, we have managed to increase the speed to over 6,000 8.5" x 11" sheets an hour. Speed increases when running smaller stocks and is achieved by creasing the sheet without stopping it, yet maintaining an accuracy of +/- 0.003".

Key Product Features
•7" SmartScreen touch screen operation
•6000 sph
•0.015" (approx 150lb cover)*
•Alpha-numeric memory
•PosiFeed feed system•Highly versatile 
•35.4" x 15" with optional extension
•Crease & fold without cracking

Sheet Size :  8.2"x5.5" up to 27.5" x 15"
Up to 150 lb. cover, minimum 20 lb. bond (appx.)
Maximum Number of Folds per Sheet: 2
Up to 6,000 sph (varies depending on size & fold)

Please contact us for more specs.

Price $32,995   Call or Email Us for our Current Price !
  Folds 3.5" x 5", 11" x 17", and 5" x 7" size paper
  Supports 12lb to 58lb weight paper
  7 different folds (Single, Letter, ZigZag, Double, Parallel, Fold-Out, and Gate)
  Automatic Three-Roller Friction Paper Feed
  Automatic Set Up of number of sheets to fold
  Max Stacking Capacity of 500 sheets
  7000 sheets per hour folding speed (8000 on single fold)
  LCD Display
  Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Table Top Manual Document Creaser
Awesome Creaser for the Price !

Designed for short-run creasing of digital or offset printed material, the new PT330 SA provides simple touchscreen programming of up to 16 creases, ample job storage capabilities, and optional rotary perforation of sheets up to 12.95″ x 35″ (33 cm x 88 cm).

Product Features:
Electrical: 110V 50/60Hz, 10A
Speed: 1800 sph*
Maximum Stock Size: 13” x 39”
33cm x 99.1cm
Minimum Stock Size: 2.5” x 3.94”
6.35cm x 10.01cm
Stock Weight: 26# bond – 16 pt
Tabletop/Floor: Tabletop**
Max. # Creasing Positions: 16
Program memory: 49
Feeder: Manual 

*pictured stand is optional

Sale Price $5,995
PL44wf 44" wide heated roll laminator
Docutech Style Copier Tabs, Reverse Collated
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James Burn International



Challenge Machinery


CP Bourg


Standard Horizon

Professional Laminating

Tamerica Products

Powis Parker


General Graphics

Sale Price $499
PT330 S Entry Level Creaser
This One's a Winner !
Push Button Setup & Programmability
Up to 6 six creases per pass
Sheet Size:  1.97"x3.94" to 13"x25.6"
26# bond to 16 pt. cover
Great Creaser for a Great Price !!  Very Sensible Solution for small shops with lighter loads.
Optional Stand

Sale Price $4,595
PT330 SA demo video
19 ring plastic binding combs
In Stock !!
In Stock !!
Standard Horizon EF35
Horizon PF-40
We have Several Financing Programs Available including 90 days Same As Cash, 0% Financing & Standard Lease Options Available ! Most Credit Ratings A through D accepted !
Morgana Autocreaser Pro 33