Binder Products is a Certified Small Business in California, reference # 24937 !
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19 ring plastic binding combs
GBC Combs, Coil Binding, Velo Binding, Double Loop Wire Binding, Aluminum Screw Posts, Report Covers, 3 ring Binders, Tape Bind Strips,
GBC Combs, Coil Binding, Velo Binding, Double Loop Wire Binding, Aluminum Screw Posts, Report Covers, 3 ring Binders, Tape Bind Strips,
James Burn Docupunch
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Binder Products is a Certified Small Business in California, reference # 24937
Binder Products is a 

Certified Small Business

in California, Reference 

# 24937.
GBC Combs, Coil Binding, Velo Binding, Double Loop Wire Binding, Aluminum Screw Posts, Report Covers, 3 ring Binders, Tape Bind Strips,
Double Loop Wire Binding
Double Loop Wire Binding
Velobind Strips
Velobind Strips
The Docupunch is the best automatic punch in it's class.  It's pick & feed system offer great feeding of many different types of stocks.  It also has a very nice punch registration system that makes it very precise.  It's easy to set-up & operate & a very reliable punch in comparison to gravity fed punches.   It's small footprint & caster wheels also make it very mobile.  Die changing is extremely easy & very accessible.  

We offer on-site support & installation in most parts of the country on this machine.  This unit represents the cadillac of the industry in it's class & while it's price point may be slightly higher, you will most definetely get what you pay for !  An excellent punch !!
Punches Sheets from 5-1/2"x5-1/2" to 13"x12"
Large Selection of Dies available ranging from $1,100 to $4,000 depending on hole pattern
*freight, installation & training is additional
The NEW James Burn Lhermite® Alpha-Doc® MK4 Automatic Punch Machine will give you the extra mile you need to enhance your productivity. This remarkably user-friendly high productivity machine offers a top speed of 90 cycles per minute with realistic outputs of 30,000 - 40,000 sheets per hour (using 20 lb. bond paper and allowing time for loading & unloading operations).

The Alpha-Doc® MK4 offers a dynamic size change feature that is controlled by a conversational touch key screen and ensures precision punching of a wide variety of documents (now including thumbcut dies for wall calendars). The large capacity of the high pile feeder and reception provides maximum productivity.

The Alpha-Doc® MK4 provides large volume hands-free punching of pre-printed, collated documents directly from your copier or printer including mixed stocks from 16 lb. bond to 110 lb. index. It also punches tabs pre-collated into the finished sets. Tabs must have minimum .25" shoulder. Hands-free operation means your operator is free to perform other tasks.

The remarkable Alpha-Doc® MK4 combines the versatility and ease of an office machine with the speed and efficiency of an automatic punch for perfect holes every time. Simply load the tray, push a button and walk away for hands-free punching of pre-collated books, presentations, proposals, reports and even tabbed sheets. The Alpha-Doc® punches a wide variety of material in virtually any size from 5.5" x 5.5" up to 13" x 14". Our simplified paper path and unique turnover device with receding stacker provide low waste and assure that pages are kept in perfect pre-collated order.

With a wide assortment of die patterns available and super fast changeover times, the Alpha-Doc® MK4 will "punch up" your document binding productivity without "punching holes" in your document finishing budget!

Features & Benefits:

•High Productivity: With its new top speed of 90 cycles / minute and the large capacity of the high pile feeder and reception trays (6 reams of paper), the Alpha-Doc® MK4 can punch up to 30,000 - 40,000 sheets per hour without the constant presence of the operator being required. 
•Versatility: The Alpha-Doc® MK4 can punch a wide variety of paper stock and covers including tab cut sheets and wall calendars with thumbcut, in virtually any size from 5.5" x 5.5" up to 13" x 14". 
•Easy-to-Use: Just load the tray and push a button, no special training is required. 
•Simple Formating: Just follow the instructions on the conversational touch screen and, with pre-set standard formats, size change-over can be done in less than 2 minutes. 
•Wide Choice of Punching Dies: Lhermite® original hardened steel dies provide long life time. They can be changed in less than 5 minutes. Retractable pins allow to produce clean and perfect holes whatever the sheet formats are. The wide choice of punching dies covers all perforation styles now including thumbcut punching. Lhermite® original dies can be resharpened. 
•Installation: Caster wheels make machine placement quick and easy.
James Burn Docupunch
The James Burn BB50H finishes documents and calendars up to 20" wide, with variable output of 600-1200 books/hour. It can skip bind and includes a central hanger feed system which can be disengaged. The BB-50 automatically finishes hand fed pre-punched documents with Wire-O® sizes from 1/4" up to 1", using traditional spools or our patented Snake Skin Wire in 3:1 and 2:1 pitches. Size, pitch and format changes are electronically controlled from the user-friendly 'Touch Key' pad.
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The Semi-Automatic James Burn Wire-O® Binder 3500 provides high-speed Wire-O® finishing 'on-demand' from cost-efficient spools. At 500-1000 books per hour, the Wire-O® Binder is super fast, yet simple to operate with all size and format setups instantly adjustable by user-friendly 'touch screen' electronic controls. The automatic functions cut, feed and position the wire for insertion; then sends the document to a patented closing unit that now accurately positions the document, without the need for stops or paper guides.
The versatile Wire-O® Binder is designed to work alongside the highly successful Alpha Doc® and DocuPunch® Automatic Punching Machines, accurately finishing a wide variety of documents, including oversize covers & tabbed sheets, for all Wire-O® sizes up to 1-1/4". Together, they are the perfect high-speed Wire-O® finishing solution for today's modern in-plant, digital and 'on-demand' printing environments, where ease-of-use, versatility and productivity are a must.
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Table-Top Electric Automatic Coil Inserter/Crimper

An affordable fully electric table-top automatic coil inserter designed with the digital print market in mind. No tools - No air required. 
Bind up to 450 books / hr.

Comes Complete:
•Set of 13 Spine Formers.
•Photo Instruction Manual & Training DVD.

•Up to 450 books/hour

Coil Capabilities
•8 mm to 20 mm (1/8" to 5/8" book thickness)

Binding Edge Capabilities
•8.5" / 11" / A5 / A4.

•Onboard electronic diagnostic capabilities.

Available Format
•.2475" Pitch - Fits the common 8.5" / 11" / A4 / A5 binding edges.

Preset Cut & Bend
•Conveniently set for the common 8.5" or 11" edge.

Offcut Disposal Drawer 
Foot Pedal Actuated
•Fully electric - No air required.
•No tools required for basic setup & changeover. 
•LCD Screen - Guides operator through setup and operation. 
•Vertical book placement can accommodate tabs or wider covers.
•Consistent simultaneous crimping on both coil ends.
•Convenient presets for the common binding edges. 
•Low maintenance design; no need for expensive service contracts.
•Uses the same patented technology as the PBS 3000 QS Inserter.

Tech Specs 
•110 V OR 220 V Single phase
•CE Compliant 
•Dimensions 31"W x 22"D x 15"H (78 cm x 56 cm x 38 cm) 
•Net Weight - 135 lbs. (61 kgs)
LCD Screen

The KOILMATIC has a Liquid Crystal Display screen that guides the operator through the machine's setup and operation. The LCD screen communicates machine status at all times.
Built-in Coil Sizing Gauge

The KOILMATIC has a built-in coil sizing gauge to help the operator confirm the diameter of coil required in relation to the book's thickness.
Coil Diameter Changeover

The KOILMATIC does not require tools for basic setup and changeover. The machine's innovative coil diameter adjustment provides easy and accurate carriage positioning.
Built-in Spine Former Storage

The pre-punched book is placed in the machine on spine formers. Spine formers create a curve to the binding edge to allow for easier coil insertion. The spine formers are conveniently stored inside the front panel of the KOILMATIC
Vertical Book Placement

The KOILMATIC has gravity working to its advantage. The pre-punched book is positioned in the machine on its spine so tabs or wider covers are no problem
Pre-set Cut & Bend

Mounted blocks are in place for immediate adjustment for the common 8.5" or 11" binding edges. The operator simply slides the cut/bend heads into position and tightens the locking arm. Simple.
3000 QS Auto Inserter
Quick Setup Automatic Coil Inserter/Finishing System

The PBS 3000 QS - Quick Setup Auto Coil Inserter / Finishing System- Automatically inserts pre-cut lengths of coil into the pre-punched book and simultaneously crimps both ends - all in a single operation! No tools are required for basic setup and changeover.


Comes Complete:
•Set of 15 Spine Formers
•Tool Kit 
•Photo Instruction Manual & Instructional DVD

•As high as 600 books/hour
Available in .2475" OR 4:1 OR 6 mm Pitch
•For diameters from 6 mm to 20 mm
Recommended Wider 3:1 OR 2.5:1 Pitch
•For larger diameters up to 30 mm

Coil Capabilities
•6 mm through 20 mm
•Up to 30 mm in wider pitch option

Available Formats
•12"/A4 model (Binding edges from 5" to 12"/12.7 to 30.5 cm)
•17"/A3 model (Binding edges from 5" to 17"/12.7 to 43 cm)
Offcut Disposal Drawer 

Foot Pedal Actuated

Same Technology as the Koilmatic.  The QS 3000 has optional kits for up to 30mm, also availabilty in 12" or 17" formats, can do varying custom sizes (Koilmatic only 8.5" & 11"), and is a faster machine.
•QS - Quick Setup - no tools required for basic setup and changeover.
•Vertical book placement can accommodate tabs 
or wider covers 
•Consistent simultaneous crimping of both coil ends.
•Low maintenance design - No need for expensive service contracts.
•Mounted on casters for easy movement. 
•Can be interlined with the PLASTIKOIL® New Concept Former for in-line coil manufacturing and automated insertion.
Tech Specs 
•110 V OR 220 V Single phase
•Compressed Air required 80 psi @ 2 cfm
•Dimensions 36"W x 24"D x 42"H (92 cm x 61 cm x 107 cm)
•Net Weight - 190 lbs. (86 kgs)
Coil Binding Supplies
James Burn AlphaDoc MK4
Lhermite EX610
The James Burn EX610 High Speed Automatic Punch is one of the most flexible automatic punching machines. Capable of producing up to 125,000 punched sheets per hour, the EX610 punches preprinted collated documents with or without mixed stocks. This automatic punching machine punches up to a 24" binding edge.

The EX610 model can also be adapted to work in double action (punching and tab cutting at the same time) or receive a special attachment to accommodate thick boards.

Features and Benefits:

Maximizes productivity at up to 8,400 cycles/hour, at up to 20 sheets of 60# offset.
Automatic for up to 24" sheet widths. Allows you to punch tabbed stock pre-collated into the book.
So powerful it punches virtually any type of stock and material for practically any application.
Continuous paper loading speeds productivity without stopping the machine.
Automatic sheet alignment with micro adjustment. One-direction, one-level continuous sheet control.
Heavy Duty Steel Dies feature guide posts for perfect alignment, quick pin access, and flanged holes to help clear out waste and add longer life.
A Turnover Drum keeps pre-collated document pages in perfect order.
Easy to use, fast and simple to setup and operate.
A wide range of die patterns including: Wire-O, Plastic Coil, Plastic Comb, Velobind, 2, 3, & 4 ring binder, etc.
Continuous loading top feed trays speed up productivity without stopping the machine.
Separator Beak separates lifts of paper, even thicker stocks, without damaging the edge.
Heavy duty tempered steel die changes are quick and easy.
Built in Air Blow provides a blast of air to separate the picked lift from the stack. Helpful for stocks or environments where static is a common problem. Includes air lines only - air compressor not included.
High Pile Stacking Delivery neatly stacks and automatically recedes to allow your operator to concentrate on loading the paper feeder. Automatically stops when full.

Optional Features:
Tabbing Device for punching tabbed sheets. Tabs must have 1/4" shoulder.
Delivery Options - Choose a Variable Speed Conveyor for continuous delivery, shingles sheets as they exit the turnover drum and conveys them out to the operator or a High Pile Delivery Stacker that neatly stacks and continuously jogs the paper and automatically recedes to allow your operator to concentrate on loading the paper feeder and automatically stops the punch when the bin is full.
Air Blow Option provides a blast of air to separate the picked lift from the stack. Helpful for stocks or environments where static is a common problem. Includes air lines only - air compressor not included.
Nail Hole Punch will punch a calendar nail hole in the opposite side of the binding edge, punching both the binding edge and calendar nail hole in one pass. It is adjustable to do sheet sizes from 7" up to 12" and will punch multiple sheets at one time with speeds up to 80 cycles/ minute. The advantage of adding the nail hole option is that it allows the EX to punch both the holes for the binding, as well as the nail hole on the opposite side, at the same time. The lift of paper is picked from the stack and brought forward by the upper and lower feed belts. The lift of paper stops in the punching area and held on all four sides. The head and foot of the sheets are punched at the same time, the lift is ejected and moved to the reception by the exit belts. The nail hole option is fully adjustable and because it’s punched when the lift of paper is held on all four side, the hole punch very accurate. The big advantage is in reduced labor costs, eliminating one step out of calendar finishing process. Additionally, by not needing the added step of drilling a nail hole, it will reduce the chance of mistakes that might be made during additional processing where material could be damaged or taken out of collation. The nail hole option can be installed on any newer style EX380 or EX610.
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